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Economic capacities

The economy in the region of Zrenjanin is very developed although it has been unemployed for the last ten years. It has been developed mostly according to the western standards and it has worked with firms from the west. 






The area, that the town Zrenjanin occupies, is mostly plain and that's why the structure of its economy and industrial places it into the bigger agro-industrial cities in the country. The most important part of its economy is the industry, where 16,750 people work, which makes more than one third of the total number of employees in the town. 


Numerous branches of industry are developed and the most significant ones are the following:


                                 - Food industry

                                 - Textile and leather industry

                                 - Metal industry

                                 - Chemical industry

                                 - Oil and natural gas production

                                 - Civil engineering

                                 - Traffic / Transport

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