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Budžet grada Zrenjanina

GIS centar u Zrenjaninu

Free and Industrials Zones

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Why Zrenjanin?



Why Serbia? 


    - Favourable strategic position
    -  65 million consumers on the market of South East Europe
    -  The lowest personal income tax rate  - 12%
    -  Low corporate profit tax rate - of 10%
    -  VAT- the lowest rate:
                   • 18%  - (for most  products)
                   •   8%  - (for food, daily newspapers, services...)
    - A 10-year corporate profit tax holiday for investment over €7.5 million and 100 new employees
    - Customs-free imports of equipment based on foreign investment
    - Financial incentives
    - Easy access to foreign markets
             - free trade agreement with Russia
             - market preferential trade status with EU countries  and USA
             - free trade with  the countries of South Europe (CEFTA)
    - Special stimulating tax incentives for employing the younger than 30 and older than 45 years


Why  Zrenjanin?

    -   Industrial parks equipped with infrastructure
    -  Access to the major transport networks (road, rail, river, air transport)
    -  Free Zone Zrenjanin – one of  4 in Serbia
    -  Long industrial and business tradition
    -  Qualified and experienced labour
    -  Organised support and assistance to investors – Business Incubator
    -  Efficient administration
    -  Administrative, political, economic, cultural and health centre of the Region


















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