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Hunting and fishing tourism

Hunting and fishing tourism are the most attractive segments of the tourist offer of the City of Zrenjanin, particularly for the foreign markets. Up to the beginning of the nineties of the past century and the disintegration of Yugoslavia, it was actually the most significant for the area of tourism and hospitality industry, in view of the fact that it was a major source of foreign exchange earnings.
With the comeback of our country in the international tourist market and, bearing in mind that this region was one of the most important hunting areas in Vojvodina (the population of the so-called small game living on agricultural land), preconditions have been created for hunters from Italy, Germany, and Austria to again be the basis of foreign tourist turnover in the City of Zrenjanin the extent they has been up to 1990. 
The hunting-grounds in the territory of the City of Zrenjanin are concentrated in the riparian belt of the Lower River Begej and in the area of the reserve "The Old Begej – Carska bara-Imperial Pond", while fishing-grounds are abundant, in view of the fact that the environs of Zrenjanin are among the richest river junctions and watercourses in this part of Europe. 
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