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Visit Zrenjanin

Some good reasons to visit and get know Zrenjanin -  make your own choice:
- Multinational surrounding, four official languages and more than twenty  nations that  have been living in  and developing mutual tolerance, multi ethnical and multi cultural character of the City;
- Famous local population type - "Lale", with their customs, traditional cuisine, tambura music, folklore and building;
- the continual  development of the City through history, since the first written documents about the settlement, 1326;
- the Old Town, with marvellous baroque  buildings,  cultural institutions, among the most successful in Serbia, bridges across the river Begej, Town’s lakes and pleasant walking routes;
- picturesque countryside, including famous tourist destinations about 5 to 20 km away from the City – ex-overlordship Ečka, eco-ethno complex Stari Begej –Carska Bara / Old Begej – Imperial Pond/ and Belo Blato, the lake and spa Rusanda in Melenci, picnic areas at the banks of the river Tisa;
- Tourist-economic manifestation, some of them well known not only locally such as - "Days of Beer”, musical festival  "Sunflower", international folklore festival "Lala", entrepreneurship fair "INOCOOP" etc; 
- student tourism including educative and sport-recreation  activities; 
- hunting and fishing at one of the biggest river hub in Europe, where within the circle of about 30 km, the courses of Danube, Tisa, Begej, Tamiš and canal network of hydro system Danube-Tisa-Danube meet; 
- three high class hotels offering accommodation and food , many national cuisine restaurants.
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