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Flats for Social Housing


The Mayor Čedomir Janjić and the director of the PC ''City Housing '' Laslo Fuks gace the keys to the users of the flats for the social housing located in the Franja Kluz Street in Zrenjanin.
According to Fuks, five flats have been allocated to the tenants and for the rest of the facilities there will be a new open competition during January.
He added that the cost of this investment was around 35 million dinars, out of which 25 million was provided by the Republic, for the funding of construction works, and the other 10 million was provided by the local government through land and infrastructure.
The construction works on the housing units began last year, and during this year their construction has finished, while the open competition for the flats started in August.
- The rules of the competition are clear and lots of people are interested. Today I am very  glad because  our two  disabled citizens got their  keys – said Janjić.
Out of the total number of ten flats, two are intended for disabled persons and others for people with  below average income.
The flats are given under leash for the period of three years with the possibility of the renewal of the contract agreement without the right to buy them out.
The tenants will be obligated to pay a monthly rent while the price of the rent can not be higher that the 30% of their income. The price of the rent will be between 4,912 and 7,010 dinars.
As the mayor pointed out, the City plans to expand the project and there is enough land. The rent will be allocated  to the special fund and supported by the  funds  from  the City budget.
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