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12. Honey Festival in Our City


Today the 12th Honey Festival has been opened in the  City center gathering   honey producers and  beekeeping equipment producers from all over Serbia.

At the opening ceremony , first the children  from Muzlja kindergarten and  Culture  club “Petefi” had their performances  and then the Deputy Mayor, Saša Santovac, announced the Festival opened saying that the City of Zrenjanin traditionally  supports this event and that in near future   a call for funding  of beekeepers will be  announced.



Also he emphasised that there are participants from all Serbia including those who have been  participating from  the  very beginning. That is,  he says, the proof that Zrenjanin is a good host . The Festival has become very popular so lots of visitors come.




Discussing the quality and price  of this year’s honey with the producers  he concluded that that  they were not favourable, announcing that  2016 budget allocates five million dinars for  bee production in order to support  producers, like in the  case of cattle production when  heifers were  provided to  cattle  producers.




The Chairman of Association of Bee Organisation of Vojvodina,, Stojan Anđelković   was also present at  this event organised by by Bee Society "Milivoj Bugarski" from  Zrenjanin  and Bee Society "AKAC" from  Mužlja.

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