Period 1991-now


The Town's development has always been strongly effected by the social-economic circumstances reflecting the State surroundings that Zrenjanin found in. At the beginning of 1990’s, when the war broke out on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and the country was falling apart, it led to rather  hard  social and economic crisis in this area, All that caused an economic stagnation, unemployment, large migrations of refugees from the former Yugoslav Republics: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
The town experienced the first political changes by the introducing of multiparty system at the end of 1996 when the local government was ruled by the coalition « Zajedno» /« Together»/ and in 2000 by the coalition «DOS» - Democratic opposition of Serbia.
On March 24th 1999 the aggression of NATO-Pact on our country began. During 77 days of this aggression, the town was not bombed. The life in the town was quite normal, in spite of this dangerous situation. 
In the first years of the new century the Town and its citizens have been adjusting to new economic and social-economic conditions, known as «transition». Instead of previous large economic combines and companies plenty of new flexible private enterprises are established and foreign capital is starting to flow in Zrenjanin. New industrial and work and residential zones are formed and the Town's General Plan 2006-2026 and Sustainable Development Strategy 2006-2013 are made and approved. At the end of 2007, introducing a new national territorial organisation followed by necessary legislation, the Municipality of Zrenjanin has been upgraded to an administrative and territorial status of a City.