Traffic Infrastructure


Traffic Infrastructure

Road Network
Road network at the teritory of Zrenajnin City consists of highway, regional and local road network. The most important road routes are as follows:

Zrenjanin-Novi Sad
Regional road, connecting the motorway E75

Regional road, connecting to the motorway E70

International road to Ukraine, Moldavia and other ex Soviet republics.


Airport Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin has its own airport, which is the largest C class airport in the Balkans, with asphalt runway and necessary infrastructure suitable for small passenger, agricultural and cargo planes. Airport can be reconstructed to service larger planes with a relatively small investment.

Navigable Routes Network
Zrenjanin has a port on Begej river which is the part of Danube-Rein–Mein waterway network system connecting the North Sea  to the Black Sea.

Railway Traffic
Center of regional railroad network.