Anniversary of the first Headquarters of National Liberation Partizan Units of Vojvodina

Regarding 23 June, 71st anniversary of the first Headquarters of national liberation partisan units (NLU) of Vojvodina, Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly gave the following statement:
 - Marking this day, one of those  which are basically local in character but much more significant we remind once again  of the role  our  country and city had in the first days of the Fascist forces. One of the first headquarters of the Liberation Army was  founded in  our City  on the Balkans, which proves the liberation trends of the population, back in 1941, when one  after one the European countries were conquered by the Fascist Army.
The local government of Zrenjanin works on the strengthening of citizens’ awareness to fight against fascism, Nazism, clero-fascism and racism all the time since, unfortunately, they are present even today in many areas. The ideas and ideologies which made mankind suffer terribly must not be repeated ever.– points out Aleksandar Marton.
To remind of some facts, at the meeting of the Provincial Committee of Communist Party of Yugoslavia for Vojvodina, held on 23 June 1941 at the estate of  Žarko Turinski, in the suburb of the former Petrovgrad, a Headquarter of National Liberation  Army of Vojvodina was formed, later renamed to the Main Headquarters of NLA of Vojvodina. The members of the Headquarters were the commandant Danilo Grujić, political commissioner Toza Marković and member Žarko Turinski.