Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sci. /Ivan Boshnjak/ elected a new Mayor of Zrenjanin

Ivan Bošnjak, Assembly  member of the Coalition "Pokrenimo Zrenjanin – Tomislav Nikolić"/"Move Zrenjanin – Tomislav Nikolić"/, a member of  Srpska napredna stranka /Serbian Progressive  Party /  and  a member of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, is a new elected Mayor of Zrenjanin -  as decided by the members of Zrenjanin City Assembly at  its  second, 8-hour long session. He was  elected by a  secret  ballot, supported by all 35 members of the ruling coalition, while the opposition members did not  participate in voting. 

Also, the Mayor's associates were  elected, as  previously  proposed by the  new Mayor – Mayor Deputy  Čedomir Janjić (DSS/ Democratic Party of Serbia/), and members of the City Council Milan Repija (Socijalistička partija Srbije/ Socialist Party of Serbia/), Zlatana Ankić (SNS/ Serbian Progressive Party/), Dubravka Bengin Bulovan (nonparty member), Dragiša Albulj (Nova Srbija/ New Serbia/), Radiša Dupljanović (DSS), Dragan Šašić (SPO/ Serbian Renewal Movement/) and dr Boban Đukanović (SPS). Also two Assembly Chairman Deputies - Slavko Šućurović (Partija ujedinjenih penzionera Srbije/ Party of United Pensioners of Serbia/) and  Saša Ždrnja (Movement "Napred Banat",  the list of "Pokrenimo Zrenjanin - Tomislav Nikolić").
After 2-hour discussion on  the agenda, the second session of  Zrenjanin City Assembly began  by the termination o f the the Assembly mandate of Branka Ljiljak and approving of mandate of Petar Popov, the members of DS/ Democratic Party/. The session was attended  by 56 members, all apart from  the members of Liga socijaldemokrata Vojvodine / League of Sociodemocrat of Vojvodina/ who , before the session, announced at  press conference that they would not attend the  session.
In the new assembly "role", as the  opposition members, were  the members of  the Democratic Party, 15 of them, and  four members of Srpska radikalna stranka / Serbian radical Party/, as well as two members of  Savez vojvođanskih Mađara/ Alliance of  the  Hungarians in Vojvodina/.
The Assembly Chairman, Radovan Bulajić, announced the resignation of the Mayor Goran Knežević, after his election for the Minister of Agriculture in the Government of  the Republic of Serbia,  and consequently the termination of the mandate of Mayor Deputy and the members of the City Council.
After the adoption of the Agenda, the Assembly adopted the new Statute of the City of Zrenjanin and Book of Regulations of the Assembly work. The most discussed issues were the  amendments to the  Book of Regulations,  by  which  the positions of three Chairman Deputies are  added.
The Agenda of 112 items mostly referred to changes of Managing and Supervision Boards of public  companies and institutions.