Violation charges submitted against local officials of LSV and unknown persons

Today the Assembly of the City of Zrenjanin submitted  the violation charges to the Police Directorate of Zrenjanin against  Aleksandar Marton, Dejan Čapo and Dragan Nedeljkov, as well as against other unknown persons regarding the violation mentioned  in the  Article 6 Par. 4  relating to Par. 1 Law on Public Peace and Order   since they, with a group of other citizens violate public peace and order by disturbing the member of the City Assembly  Lukrecia Ursulesku from Ečke during the period  from 06.07.2012. up to now.
As it is stated, the mentioned officials of the  political party of the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina,  planned and performed the activities against the member of the local Assembly, Lukrecia Ursulesku, who supported the government establishing at the constitutive session of Zrenjanin City . These activities included the  demonstrating in front of  Lukrecia's  house disturbing her and her family, sending threatening text messages etc.