Touring the environs


The basis for development of excursion tourism in the environs of Zrenjanin is the location Lukino Selo – Ečka, which is the most attractive by the quality, number, and versatility of the factors of the tourist offer (Special Nature Reserve ''The Old Begej – Carska bara-Imperial Pond'', fish-farm ''Ečka'', the cultural and historical monuments of Ečka, Art Colony, hotel ''Sibila'', hostel ''Kaštel'', ethno-village of Belo Blato, etc.).

Skulptura u dvorištu Kaštela

At the very entrance in the Nature Reserve ''The Old Begej – Carska bara-Imperial Pond'', next to the highway Zrenjanin - Belgrade, 15 kilometers from the city, a unique ethno-complex ''Tiganjica'' was constructed, with a hostel, restaurant, mini zoo, and supporting facilities. The Special Nature Reserve ''The Old Begej – Carska bara-Imperial Pond'' offers the possibility for development of tourism related to the so-called special interests (photo safari, bird watching as a hobby). 

Carska Bara

Activities are underway on the implementation of the program of development of tourism in the area of Čenćanska lakes. This locality attracts those who love nature and fishing and, during summer, the lakes are visited by swimmers, particularly younger ones, as well as by excursionists from Belgrade, Zrenjanin, and Pančevo. 

Reka Tisa

Rusanda Spa, also with ambitious development projects, apart from medical tourism, also offers the opportunity for excursion tourism, in the pleasant environment of pine and linden forest. The excursion center on the Tisza River is provided with the facilities required for swimming and recreation, and there are also potentials for development of nautical tourism. The catering offer of this locality includes fish specialties.