Cooperation with Noginsk City approved

Today, at the 2nd meeting of the City Council the members approved the initiative for cooperation with the City of Noginsk, in the Rus has visited the City recently. 
According to Deputy Mayor, Čedomir Janjić, the chairman of today's Council session,  this is only the beginning of the story since a true cooperation is  going to be established  in  sport, culture but in economy too. Therefore, it is purposed to the Assembly to approve the Initiative of Cooperation between Zrenjanin and Noginsk.
Also the Council members approved the Draft Decision on the City Statute amendments, and Amendment to Assembly Book of Regulations, stating that the Chairman of the Assembly can have Deputy Chairmen, up to three.  The Draft was justified by Milan Mrkšić, the Secretary of the Assembly.
The members approved the Draft of amendments of Organisation Book of Regulations in the City Administration, which included the personnel changes made in General Administration Department and Department of Social Activities. The Draft was justified by Jasmina Malinić, Deputy Head of the City Administration.