Primary School and Secondary School ''9. maj'' needs Community's help

Today the Mayor of Zrenjanin,  Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sci. visited the Primary School and Secondary School "9.maj",  attended by about 320 students,  six in the first grade,  stating that the Community  is  expected to support  children with special needs as much as  can.


-That is the reason I am here today, to see what the situation is  at this school. I had the opportunity to meet principal, teachers and students. The  working conditions  need to be improved through donations and the support of the City to provide better surrounding for children with  special needs enabling them a  good development and growth to became decent citizens of our city – said the Mayor Bošnjak.   

The Principal, Snežana Oluški says that the major problems refer to the school building, more than  a hundred years old,  while the students,on the other hand,  need special full care, so that many devices and technical equipment  have to be adjusted to their needs.
- It is very important for us that the Mayor has come to visit us at the very beginning of the new academic year which  we understand as a special  willingness to support and help both our school and students, said she.