Canadian Ambassador Philip Pinnington Visited Zrenjanin and Opened the Exhibition in the Contemporary Gallery

His Excellency, the Ambassador of Canada in Serbia, Philip Pinnington, visited Zrenjanin yesterday opening the exhibition in the Contemporary Gallery Art Colony Ečka.
Before that the Ambassador attended the reception at the City Hall talking to the Mayor, Čedomir Janjić and his associates – Mayor Deputy Saša Santovac, Deputy Mayor Duško Radišić, the member of the City Council, Dubravka Bulovan Bengin and the Secretary of the City Assembly, Milan Mrkšić. Also there was Olgica Marinkovic, Academic and Cultural Relations Officer of the Canadian Embassy as well as the Director of the Contemporary Gallery Igor Dostanić.
Philip Pinnington was appointed as the Ambassa\dor of Canada in serbia in October last year and it is the first time that he is visiting Zrenjanin. During the talks with the Mayor of Zrenjanin and his associates it was concluded that the cooperation between the Canadian Embassy and Zrenjanin  has been good  since it started in 2009 when several projects were inmplemented  in the field of culture, legislation fostering and work of local governments.
The Mayor Čedomir Janjić points out that this is the opportunity to promote the city and inform His Excellency about it.
- There is no better way of promoting a city than by visiting  it, we are  honoured to welcome the  Ambassador of one of the biggest countries sin the world. I  did my  best to promote and present  all the advantages of our city that may be interesting to the Canadian investors and I am sure that  the talks  like these  have to result i n something positive. There is a good reason  why we  have been awarded as one of the  best  cities  for investments  in Europe regarding incentives – said Janjić. 

Cooperation in culture and economy were the main issues discussed yesterday, and the Canadian Ambassador was informed about the investment opportunities of Zrenjanin.
- Canada and Serbia have a good cooperation in investments and I will be recommending Zrenjanin as a good place for investments. I can say that the Mayor did his best to convince me – said the Ambassador adding that another reason for his visit is the exhibition opening in the Contemporary Gallery.
- No matter how long is the distance between our two countries, I am glad to have the opportunity to present the Canadian art to your city, marking, in a way, the effect of both  Canada and Serbia in the field of culture. In a week, on 1 July the Day of Canada will be opened and actually it is starting  in Zrenjanin – he said.
The opened  exhibition "The End of the Language". presented the work of the Canadian artist Derek Besant, born in 1950, the winner of lots of international awards and  acknowledgements for  his work in exhibition designing for numerous museums and galleries.
- The exhibition "The End of the Language" includes 26 works which only in the interacting with the audience become full art works. Viewed from a certain distance the portraits in the photographs disappear while approaching them becoming texts written across the faces, followed by special sounds – explained Slavica Popov, the curator.