The City Assembly Held its 39. Session

After the last week's break of 39th session of Zrenjanin City Assembly, the session has been continued today and finished after 2-hour work. 
Members adopted the proposal of the mandate termination of the Assembly member Dragan Prekajski and of the mandate confirming for Vasa Jovanov, who was officially sworn then.
Several decision proposals were adopted regarding the creating of more favourable investment environment and coming of two foreign investors into  our City : Decision on the adoption of the Plan of detailed regulation of business complex of the Austrian company ''Supernova – MTK BEG 01'', Decision on the extension of the Free Zone Zrenjanin and Conclusion draft on justification of  the Free Zone extension, as well as  Elaborate draft on justification of land sale in the Industrial Zone  ''Southeast'' at the  price lower than the market one in favour of the German company ''Gutta Werke'' Ltd, Belgrade. 
The Chairman of the Committee for  Medicine Factory "Jugoremedija", Vladimir Pecikoza read the conclusion adopted by the Committee stating that no one  denied the  conclusion that the bankruptcy of Medicine Factory ''Jugoremedija'' AD Zrenjanin has been deliberately arranged, while the Assembly  asks all  state authorities in charge and all the relevant subjects to undertake urgent measures for the solution of this  state in the Medicine Factory ''Jugoremedija'' AD Zrenjanin, to avoid the break of  the Factory’s work and making 460 employees redundant. The conclusion was accepted by the Assembly unanimously.
By the majority of votes, the members adopted the draft of Local Employment Action Plan, as well as the conclusion proposal on Public Communal Enterprise "Gradska toplana" regarding the participation in the project of distant heating system rehabilitation in Zrenjaninu .
The name of the street Berbersko Bolnica – D in Zrenjanin has been changed into the street of Archibald Reis.
One of the items of today's agenda was the one that caused the break of the previous Assembly session. By the majority of votes of the present members the proposal to form an investigating committe regarding the dismiss of the Director of "Apoteka" /Pharmacy/ Zrenjanin, Edit Hodi Fuks. There were 21 votes in favour, 13 against and 26 abstentious.