How to EU Pre-Accession Funds

The Final Conference of the project named "Strengthening of administrative capacity for  fund absorption from pre-accession EU programmes in Banat region" has been held today in  Zrenjanin hotel Vojvodina, and Čedomir Janjić, Deputy Mayor of  Zrenjanin was present too.
Estimating  it as a very important event, Janjić  pointed out that it was very important to  inform and train people  and to make a guide to make access to EU funds easier and more efficient, i.e. to be granted the funds for project implementation which  will, as he said, improve the life both in Zrenjanin and Banat.
The Director of Regional Agency for Social/economic Development – Banat, Irena Živković says that this center, jointly with the Regional Development Agencies Posavje and Zasavje (Slovenia), is implementing a project which is financially supported by the Ministry of economy and Technology and programme for International Development Participation of the Republic of Slovenia.  
- The final beneficiaries of this project are local governments, non/governmental orgnaisations and economy of Banat,  and the activities included a detailed preparation for EU funds applying – said she.
According to her it is very important that Banat has  recognized the need for strengthening of administrative capacities for EU funds management as a priority of its development policy. The project included the workshops in Zrenjanin, Pančevo and  Kikinda, for more than 100 participants, where positive  experiences  form  Slovenian practice, from Posavje and Zasavje, have been presented.
One of the result of the project is a guide "How to make a successful project proposition", which was promoted at the Conference today.
Staša Baloh Plahutnik, from the Regional Center for Development of  Zasavje region said that the project lasted  one year with many  workshops and  various target groups and provide training in applying for EU funding based on Slovenian experience.