The Fourth EU Fair ''The European Village'': promoting of Zrenjanin, Serbia and EU values

"The Day of Europe is celebrated in many  places, but this is one of the most creative event, where, in a very inventive way  people and children become familiar with the main Euroepan values,  which include, not only diversity of cultures but also development of good relations and mutual cooperation and  support", said the Deputy Director of the European Integration Office of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Ilić, opening  the Fourth EU Fair "The European Village" in Zrenjanin.
Due to  the reconstruction  of the  Square of Liberty, the event, which  is traditionally  held  here, this  year was   relocated to Tirsova  St, the area of the old market  place. However, this   has not effected the number of visitors, or creativity of the participants and their wish to represent  the EU countries in the best possible way they can, promoting their distinctive features, tradition, culture, gastronomy, music… Today’s "European village" was presented by 24 primary schools located in the territory of Zrenjanin City, and Preschool Institution – Kindergarten  which joined them in promotion of 26 EU member-countries.
This year, for the first time a competition "What do I know about EU?", was organised for the students of  primary schools in PS "Vuk Karadžić"  and  for   the secondary school students in Zrenjanin HIgh School,  including about 50 students. The best students in both categories  received the awards  from the Chief of the Political Section of EU Delegation to Serbia, Luka Bjankoni.    
He reminded that  the  9th of May is marked as the Day of the European Union, because o that day in 1950,  when so called "Schuman's Declaration" for the first time, presented the idea of  "United Europe", including  strong political and economic cooperation.
"Sixty five years later, the European Union is a "live" project, which,  having started with six member countries now incread to 28 countries, that jointly cooperate and  implement  policies for  peace and  to the benefit of all its citizens. It is great  that  Day of Europe is marked here since Serbia has a clear objective to become a member of EU. I am impressed  with this event  and the fact that so  many young Zrenjanin citizens are trying to learn somtheing more about the European Union and to  spread the  European idea in this region", expressing his  impressions said  Bjankoni.
 The Mayor Čedomir Janjić said that it was the second time that the City of Zrenjanin is  the organiser of the EU Fair, and that this event has been listed in the official event programm of our city.
"I am very proud  of all the school participants, of  their principles, teachers, children who made great efforts during last two months to learn more aobut the countries they represent, to prepare the programme, and it is my particular  pleasure that  today, here in Zrenjanin, I can welcome the representatives of  foreign embassies of  EU member states. Today, actually, here at this EU Fair it is not only the City of Zrenjanin which is promoted, but Serbia too, and  the embassies, which represent their coutnries, first of all, to  our youngest citizens , which is certainly very good, because  the  better we get to know, the easier for us all", said Janjić. 
The  representatives of several embassies and  diplomatic missions of EU  member countries as well as EU Delegation to Serbia were invited and  came for the opening ceremony. Also, there were the representatives of  Serbian European Integration Office  and  the Fund "European Affairs" of  AP Vojvodina. Zrenjanin welcomed the mentioned Luka Bjankoni, and Ana Ilić, but also the  Coordinator of  EU Info Point Novi Sad, Snežana Pupovac, Deputy Director of SEIO,  the representative of the Fund "European Affairs", Milan Čežek, as well as the representatives of the embassies of Greece, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and French Cultural Center from Novi Sad.
Deputy Head of the Mission of the Greek Embassy to Serbia, Joanis Joanidis, having visited the last year’s  EU Fair, has returned again this year stating that Greece has been supporting EU Fair "European Village" from the very beginning  saying that EU Fair was organised as a part of Serbian  EU integration He reminded  on the  cooperation of the Embassy and the schhol which had represented Greece a year ago announcing  similar activities  for this year.
"We have supplied the school "Jovan Dučić"  from Klek, with  computers and the students were our guests in Belgrade, while the Ambassador  Ikonomidis has visited  it recently, and  we are looking forward  to the visit of  school "Mladost" from Tomaševac, on 22 May, since this year they represent Greece, said Joanidis.