Tri stovky nových pracovných miest v spoločnosti Draexlmaier

Today "Draexlmaier" Company in our city employs more than 3,300 employees, and there are prospects of opening  new production  premises, but it is still early to talk about it, said the General Director of Draexlmaier Group in Zrenjanin, Andreas Weber during the visit of the Mayor Čedomir Janjić to this Company.



The Mayor  and  his  associates visited a new production sector where new employees started to work after several-month training in the Company's facilities in Romania and Moldavia, as well as in  Zrenjanin.
During the last three months more  than 3hree hundred  new jobs were opened  in this new sector.
As he said, after the visit and talks with  the  Company's Management, this extension of the production  proves that Zrenjanin is a good place for investment.



-  300 new jobs, is  really good news. In my annual report I said that 1,637 citizens of Zrenjanin  had been employed, we did not mention these 300 employees  because they  were employed during the last three months - said Janjić.
- It is encouraging to hear from the Director Weber that they have big plans including new  premises – the Mayor added.



Opening the section for cable  cutting and preinstalling the production process ahs been  integrated, which, according to  Director Weber, means that all the production stages can be  finished in one plant. This kind of production  ensures the maximal efficiency, since  the packing, repacking or transport are no longer needed.



Andreas Weber said  that by  opening a new sector the Company  sent a  clear message that is had long-term plans in Zrenjanin and investments in Serbia, and that implementation of this project resulted in 300 new jobs.
- Also this is a further step to automatised  high-tech production, which needs not only  well qualified workers, but also technicians and engineers that  will  programme and  maintain the machines - said Weber.



He added that the Company decided to build the production premises in Zrenjanin, not only because of the labour but also due to  very positive  business environment. The Company has been in  Zrenjanin since 2008 and it is one of the biggest employers and exporters  in the region, the top  quality automotive parts are produced in  its production facilities.