Reception for young football players

The Mayor of  Zrenajnin City, dr Mileta Mihajlov, gave a reception for young competitors of Zrenjanin Football Club "Petlić", which is run by the former Proleter football player Zoran Jeftić, and  who won the first place in 2004  age category.
This Football School has about 120 kids today, including age categories 2000 – 2006 and it traditionally takes part in all the tournaments both in our country and abroad.
This year at the  competition in Maribor the age category 2004 won the first place as the last year, which is a great success among about a hundred teams from several countries including Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina etc.
Zrenjanin has proved once again to work on development of young talented sportsmen and sportswomen. The best player of the tournament was Igor Pavlov, the player of Zrenjanin team, the only team from Serbia at the tournament.