River junction


The territory of the City of Zrenjanin gravitates towards four navigable rivers and a dense canal network of the Water Utilization System "Danube – Tisza – Danube" and, therefore, it is ranked among the most dense river junctions in Europe. Zrenjanin has been formed and lies on the banks of the River Begej and, the River Tisza, the biggest tributary of the Danube on its entire course, flows only some ten kilometers away from the city. The actual confluence of the Tisza River and the Danube, some thirty kilometers away from Zrenjanin, represents the administrative border of the territory of the City. The fourth river in the town territory is the River Tamiš.


The Danube, the second biggest European river, with the course 2,860 km long, enters Serbia nearby Mohač, flows through our country along the length of 591 km, and it leaves it by the mouth of the Timok River. It is navigable along this entire course. The Danube flows through nine countries and the two biggest cities in the Republic of Serbia – the capital Belgrade and the capital of the AP of Vojvodina, Novi Sad – are actually situated on the banks of this river.


The River Tisza rises in the Carpathians, in Ukraine. The length of its course is 1070 km. It also flows through Romania and Hungary, and through Serbia, up to its flow into the Danube nearby Slankamen, it flows along the length of 207 km. Next to the place called Perlez, in the territory of the City of Zrenjanin, the Begej River flows into the Tisza River. The economic and tourist potentials of this big lowland River necessitated construction on its banks a quite a number of ports and areas assigned for fishing and recreation. At a distance of 13 km to the west from Zrenjanin, next by the highway to Novi Sad, there is a camp – the excursion center "Žabaljski most-Zabalj Bridge", with developed areas for sports, recreation, fishing, and swimming. In the summer period, centuries-old English yew forests are a pleasant place for a day or longer stay and favorite destination of numerous inhabitants of Zrenjanin and chance-travelers. Only a few kilometers upstream, close to the settlements of Elemir and Taraš, there is another popular developed excursion center - "Babatovo".


The River Tamiš rises in Romania, in the region of Transylvanian Alps. It flows some twenty kilometers away from Zrenjanin, and then with a number of arms it flows into the Danube, and the main one flows into it nearby Pančevo. The length of the river in Serbia is 123 km, and the entire course is 352 km long. It is navigable close to the river mouth, with the main port right in Pančevo. Along the course through Serbia, it is the favorite gathering place of anglers, with several minor popular resorts on its banks.