Zrenjanin is one of five cities in Europe that in their close environs have most watercourses and water bodies (the rivers Begej, Tisza, Tamiš, the Danube, the canal network of the Water Utilization System DTD), so that it represents an ideal area where even the most passionate and the most picky recreational anglers can satisfy their interests.
The River Tisza (11 - 17 km from Zrenjanin), is very rich in fish, where carp, big catfish, which is caught using a stick to attract the fish, are predominant, and rare fish species, such as sterlet and barbell. In the riparian belt of the River there are a lot of old water courses, also abounding in fish, particularly pike, white fish as well as carp, grass carp, and silver carp, and those water courses are Ajlaš, Rospišta, Jegmeč, Provala, and Vrbica.
The River Tamiš (30 km from Zrenjanin) is also rich in all kinds of fish species, and the most attractive places for fishing are nearby Banatski Despotovac, Botoš, Tomaševac, Orlovata, and Farkaždina. Numerous competitions of all categories are held on the Tamiš. The course of the Old Tamiš also abounds in all kinds of fish, nearby Banatski Despotovac, the weirs nearby Botoš, Orlovat, Tomaševac, and Farkaždin.
"Traktor bara-Tractor Pond" is located at the 12th kilometer of the highway Zrenjanin-Belgrade, nearby the fish-farm "Ečka" and it is the best known fishing-ground, which is visited by anglers from the entire Serbia. The Pond is an arm of the River Begej, in the shape of a horseshoe, 2 km long. Fishing is allowed throughout the year. The hotel "Sibila" and Nature Reserve "The Old Begej-Carska bara-Imperial Pond" are in its close vicinity. The fish-farm canals can also be used for fishing.
The River Begej flows through the actual town, and the best fishing-grounds are nearby the settlement Klek (7 km from the town) and Perlez (18 km). In the city proper there is a lake, a part of a former river course, and on the city periphery, "Peskara" lake, also suitable for fishing.
The network of canals of the Water Utilization System "Danube -Tisza- Danube" (7-15 km from the city) is rich in all fish species, and most frequented are Melenački and Klečki triangle, known for big sheathfish. (In the vicinity of the settlements of Melenci, Mihajlovo, Jankov Most, Klek, Lazarevo and Botoš), and the well-known places for fishing are also the canal "Brzava" and the weir nearby Tomaševac.
Current permits of the water management authority are required at all water bodies, annual or daily, and they can be bought in the association of recreational anglers. It is permitted to catch 5 species of quality food fish and up to 5 kg of white fish using three fishing rods, with two fish-hooks each.
Association of recreational anglers "Zrenjanin"
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