Thirteen projects of the National Museum

 On 16 March The President of  Zrenjanin City Assembly Aleksandar Marton and  Director of City National Library "Žarko Zrenjanin" Vladimir Vasiljev visited the National Museum in Zrenjanin  where they  talked about current and  future activities of the Museum but also about the cooperation of city culture institutions and  present situation in  the City's culture.
In 2012 the National Museum was granted by the Ministry of Culture, Informing and Information Society the financing of thirteen new projects worth 1,890,000 dinars. After the last year's success in the implementation of ten projects supported by the  same Ministry, this  year the National Museum is again  one of the most successful museums in the country. 
The President of Zrenjanin City Assembly reminded that in 2006 the National Museum was the best in Serbia when it was visited by 86,000 people which is actually more than  the population of the City itself which all proves that our  institutions of culture are first- rate but obviously financial resources, in the times of economic crisis, are insufficient and difficult to  provide . The problem is even deeper because in the City Council there is no person specifically responsible for culture issues and that  should be changed in future.
The Director of the Museum announced the Exhibition of Agriculture which would be a unique collection of agriculture machines and tools in the amphitheatre where  various art and music  programmes used to be performed some 30 years ago. He expressed his hope that this could be revived.
Speaking about the cooperation of the National Museum and the City national Library Vladimir Vasiljev mentioned "Korzo Fest", which was organised  for the first time in 2011 jointly with  BID Zrenjanin and proved to be a good  example of  the joint activities of  institutions of culture.